Fastbraces® Technologies’ high-performance patented braces and methods help reestablish the natural alveolar bone morphology with straight teeth, bacteria can no longer accumulate in the uneven bone around the crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth have always been difficult to clean, and the aggressive bacteria associated with them (such as Treponema denticola and Fusobacterium nucleatum) are a constant threat to the overall health of an individual.

Woman with braces

How does it work?

FASTBRACES® Technology bracket systems consist of uniquely designed brackets that are esthetic clear or metal and a light force flexible high tech nickel-titanium wire designed to provide immediate root movement from the onset of therapy that can open up spaces for implants even in about a 100 days.

Potential systemic manifestations from these bacteria in the mouth include, but are not limited to, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colorectal cancer and respiratory tract infection. Fastbraces® technology now makes it possible to treat the stubborn form of gingivitis prevalent around crooked teeth after quickly straightening them, even in sixty to ninety days, which means that the business of dental hygiene used to be just cleaning teeth, but no more; dentists can now evaluate their patients for orthodontic treatment at the hygiene visit and straighten their teeth in their own dental office.

FASTBRACES® Technology bracket systems are popular with both children and adults because they deliver efficient results even in about 100 days with few visits

Benefits of Fastbraces®

  • Teeth Move More Easily due to less friction using the Fastbraces Technology
  • Lower Sensitivity and Pain
  • Teeth are Safe and reduces the risk of root resorption.
  • Can be used on children and adults

Crowding 91 Days


before Crowding 91 Day


After Crowding 91 Day

Crowding Severe with Blocked Tooth


Crowding Severe with Blocked Tooth BEFORE


Crowding Severe with Blocked Tooth after

Crowding with High Canines


Crowding with High Canines before


Crowding with High Canines AFTER

Crowding with Openbite 115 Days


Crowding with Openbite115 Days BEFORE


Crowding with Openbite115 Days AFTER

Spacing Severe with Cosmetics


Spacing Severe with Cosmetics BEFORE


Spacing Severe with Cosmetics after