Tongue-Tie & Lip-Tie Treatment

Expert Frenectomies for Tongue-Tie & Lip-Tie


Tongue- and Lip-Ties restrict mobility of the tongue or lip

With tongue-tie, the tongue does not have full range of motion because it is too tightly connected to the bottom of the mouth by its frenum, a small fold of tissue. In these cases, the frenum is too short or too thick.

There is also a frenum on the inside center of each lip that connects the lip to the dental arch. When this limits the lip’s motion, it is called a lip-tie.

Tongue-ties and lip-ties in infants can make breastfeeding difficult, ineffective and painful. If they are not corrected during infancy, they can lead to problems later in life with speech, eating and overall dental health

Dr. Rana Hanna and Dr. Saif Hanna are dental specialists in treating the soft tissues of the mouth. They can expertly release a tongue- or lip-tie for patients of any age using a minimally invasive laser procedure that is comfortable and fast-healing.


Do you have trouble breastfeeding?

Dr. Rana Hanna and Dr. Saif Hanna are very skilled at releasing a baby’s tongue-tie or lip-tie that is making it difficult for the baby to nurse properly. To do so, they perform a frenectomy, a quick and simple procedure that gently removes the overly restrictive frenum that is causing the tie.

They use a high-tech dental laser to remove the frenum. The laser is safer and more comfortable than a scalpel. Laser-treated tissues also heal quickly after the procedure. Infants as young as one day old can safely receive laser tongue-tie treatment.

Dr. Rana Hanna and Dr. Saif Hanna's laser frenectomies have restored the ability of many thousands of babies from all across Michigan to nurse comfortably and successfully. He offers a complimentary evaluation of your baby to see if nursing difficulties are due to a tongue-tie or lip-tie.


Improve chewing, speech and jaw function

In children and adults, a tongue-tie can cause underlying conditions such as speech impediments, difficulties with swallowing, jaw-joint pain, gum recession and sleep apnea. Tongue-ties and lip-ties in older adults have even been known to push dentures out of place and destabilize them.

Dr. Rana Hanna and Dr. Saif Hanna perform gentle laser frenectomies for children and adults of all ages. Improvements that can result from a frenectomy include more comfortable eating and swallowing, better pronunciation of words, better appetite and increased self-confidence. Dr. Rana Hanna and Dr. Saif Hanna offer a complimentary exam, during which you can find out if a frenectomy is recommended.